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Everything you need to easily upgrade your own C5 or C6 seats.


We will be updating this page with a few pictures and short clip to assist, but its a quick and easy job that can be done in an afternoon.

In a nutshell:

  1. disassemble your seats (unbolt from tracks, unbolt backrest, remove covers and foam)

  2. Our ready-to-go backrest just bolts right on your cushion frame same as your original

  3. Carbon fiber cushion bolsters attach onto your frame with a couple screws we provide

  4. Pre cut holes according to your specific seat manual and power controls

  5. Cushion foam and covers just slide on and attach with velcro

Or (for a little extra shipping cost) you can also send us your complete seats or disassembled frames to assemble for you.


Please feel free to ask questions!

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