When racing meets luxury in a whole new way

Eye popping aesthetics 

Inspired in part by Bentley's concept seats, we've upgraded a bare bones style racing seat with a heavy dose of comfort and style.



Dimensions are 33.5" tall, 17" wide at the legs, 16" at the midsection, and 19.5" at the shoulder.

Well balanced design to provide support at the shoulder and legs, while allowing for comfort and various body sizes, plus provide easy seat belt access.

Amazingly comfortable 

A full 2.5" of cushion foam, ergonomically shaped back and shoulders with 1" foam, these seats are designed for those who drive their cars on a regular basis.


  • 5 point harness option

  • Side or bottom mounted

  • Custom design and color options, in alcantara, imported leather, or synthetic leather

Available later this summer, contact us about pre order details and current waiting list.